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Hello EAGLE Skier’s!  It has come to my attention that not everyone knows about the new EAGLE ski club web site for 2018, so I thought I would post a link to it from here.  Ryan Wheeler has developed a new web site that will be more automated going forward.


The 2016 2017 Season is over.  We planned 13 trips and went on 7.   Two trips were cancelled because we did not have enough skiers, one due to icy roads, one for the school dance, one for weather too warm, and one because it was too cold.  

Welcome to the EAGLE Ski Club 2017! Please join us for evening and all-day ski trips to Devil’s Head Resort and Cascade Mountain. We all ride the bus together.  Lessons and gear rental are available.

Use this page to determine if the trips will be cancelled due to weather.  Trip cancellations will be posted at 10 pm the night before an all day trip or by noon the day of an evening trip; please don’t call us or the school.

See Link to Participant Lists for all trips below! The Trip list link now has  spreadsheet for all 2017 trips, updated at 5 PM on 3/16/17.

2017 Participant Lists



New Cascade Requirement:  ALL participants – whether or not they rent equipment are REQUIRED to have a completed liability waiver, this even includes adults, so please print off a waiver sign it and bring it with you if you have not already left one in the office at EAGLE.


The registration tool for 2017 is updated and available for your use on the sign me up!” page.

If you do not register for ski club by 1/6/17, you can still do so, but please try to register (complete liability waivers etc.) by the Wednesday before the trip you would like to attend.

For those already registered, if you decide you want to add trips please use the on-line registration tool, and please turn in your check no later than 3:30pm the Wednesday before the trip. Thanks!

Current status for 2017 Ski Club:

Thirteen dates are tentatively planned, 7 evening and 6 ALL DAY trips.  We are still in need of chaperones for many trips, indicated below.  All 13 trips are listed on the registration page and you can register for any/all of the trips.   The trips are listed below with current chaperone status.

Trip Date Location Chaperone #1 Chaperone #2 Chaperone #3
1 Thursday 12/22/16 – ALL DAY Cascade Dan Siehr  Gwen Cassis Tiffany Lee
2 Tuesday 1/3/17 – ALL DAY Cascade Cancelled
3 Friday 1/6/17 – evening Devil’s Head Cancelled Too Cold
4 Friday 1/13/17 – evening Cascade Cancelled School Dance
5 Tuesday 1/17/17 – ALL DAY Devil’s Head (discount day) Cancelled – Icy Roads
6 Friday 1/27/17 – evening Cascade  Jill Laeyendecker
7 Friday 2/3/17 – evening Devil’s Head Jill Laeyendecker
8 Friday 2/17/17 – evening Cascade Dan Siehr
9 Friday 2/24/17 – ALL DAY Devil’s Head Cancelled Devil’s Head Closed (too warm)
10 Monday 2/27/17 – ALL DAY Cascade Dan Siehr
11 Friday 3/3/17 – evening Cascade Dan Siehr
12 Friday 3/10/17 – evening Cascade Cancelled Not enough skiers
13 Friday 3/17/17 – ALL DAY Cascade  Dan Siehr

last updated: Sunday 1/11/17

The link below is a Google spreadsheet with a separate tab for each ski trip of the 2016-2017 season.  You can check out who is registered for each trip.

Note – per the bus company a maximum of 50 people can ride the bus so make sure you register before the bus fills up.  We need at least 20 registrants per trip to make the trip financially viable.

2017 Participant Lists


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